Life is more mystery than misery

(or at least, that's what I like to think)

3 Daily Habits That Will Make Your (Writer’s) Life Better

Hi there! Since it is the beginning of a new year and so many people is talking about resolutions, I thought I would share three habits or routines I’ve incorporated … Continue reading

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PD James claims to have solved 1931 cold case murder

I just read this news on the The Guardian this morning! PD James is one of my favorite crime writers, from which I have read all of her novels except … Continue reading

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If he can write, so can you.

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Book trailers and prejudice

Here is an interesting article by Shirin Najafi from about “the best book trailers and the reasons they are so good”. Truth to be told, I wasn’t a huge … Continue reading

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Neil Strauss And Tim Ferriss Talk about Writing and Creativity on CREATIVELIVE

I recently watched this interesting interview in which Tim Ferriss and best selling author Neil Strauss talk about their writing  and creative processes. It’s a quite funny, entertaining and informative … Continue reading

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About beauty perception

Yes, I’m pretty skeptical about advertising ( who wouldn’t be, in the world we live), but I found this Dove campaign beautifully executed, and that’s the reason I would like … Continue reading

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Amazing places and spaces

The new remodelled Mattson Creative Office spaces in a warehouse built in 1895 in Old Town Irvine, Southern California. The Home of Swedish Interior Designer Marie Olsson Nylander This extremely … Continue reading

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Craigslist Joe, or relaying on people’s kindness

Living off craigslist and relaying on the kindness of strangers. No money, no contacts, just an empty phone, a laptop and a little faith to solely live off craigslist for … Continue reading

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Paco Pintón and Chiquinho’s Home in Madrid, by The Selby

I’m a big fan of The Selby’s work since his first book “The Selby is in your place”, as you can see here. I think he has a special quality … Continue reading

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A nice ambiance for a wintery Monday

This colour combinations just make me happy. And these ones just make me feel so cozy and calm

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2 inspirational things for tuesday

This short and effective video from to.fu. 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo. This cool australian magazine.

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3 nice things for Monday

1. This abandoned Men’s Club renovated into a Home. You can find more info in this article by Rebecca Flint Marx in the The New York Times, and in this … Continue reading

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The scared is scared

This one is quite inspiring. The Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

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De profundis, a very personal long letter from prison by Oscar Wilde.

De profundis  ( epistola: in carcere et vinculis) is a pretty long letter of more than 150 pages, written in 1897 by Oscar Wilde to his lover, Alfred Douglas, while … Continue reading

November 21, 2012 · 1 Comment

Going Out, by Scarlett Thomas

I didn’t even know this book existed. I mean, I ‘ve read Scarlett Thomas before, as you can see here and here, but I didn’t know there were five novels … Continue reading

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Rainy Autumn afternoon playlist

Hey everyone! How is this first day of the week going? It’s really chilly here in Barcelona, and it seems that autumn and almost winter has arrived to stay, so … Continue reading

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About blog personality

I’ve been thinking for a long time about expanding my blog content instead of being focused on just one and only thing, which have been the literary reviews for more … Continue reading

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Blink, the power of thinking without thinking

Ever since I read Outliers I made it a challenge of mine to read all Gladwell’s books, and better soon tan later. As I am a woman who intends to … Continue reading

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The Red House, by Mark Haddon

I had been waiting for Haddon’s third fiction novel since Christmas, and I finally got it by mail two months ago: an ideal purchase to add to my summer Reading … Continue reading

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CRIMEFEST 2012, The International Crime Fiction Convention

Two weekends ago, I  took a short trip to Bristol to attend The International Crime Fiction Convention: Crimefest, “Where the pen is bloodier tan the sword”! 24-27th may 2012 were … Continue reading

June 6, 2012 · 2 Comments

Outliers, by Malcom Gladwell

An outlier is, by definition, a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience. So people who are outliers are men and women who, for one … Continue reading

May 15, 2012 · 1 Comment

Pulitzer fiction non-award 2012

Last Monday the Pulitzer prizes were announced, but the news weren’t much the winners as the news that there was no winner in the fiction category. For the first time … Continue reading

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I love words when rightfully used. I think literature make us better. I love writing and reading and this is all this blog is about, since I thought it would be a cool way to share. I really hope you enjoy it!

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