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“Trust me” or trusting the audience criteria on television

shat_1901Another great TV show has been cancelled after just one season. TNT decided last week that “Trust me” wasn’t getting enough audience (about 1.4 million viewers each episode) and shut it down after only just one season.

Michael Wright, the guy in charge on TNT programming said something like that the “drama was just a little too inaccessible for viewers. And that was the issue; not enough Nielsen numbers”.

That’s sad and makes me feel angry: after the cancelling of great TV show such “Studio 60″or “Love Monkey” with this poor guy Tom Cavanagh who seems to be cursed by some evil anti-good TV ghost, another original show where there are no psychopaths, dead bodies and fire arms has been shut down.

eircmctrustmeIt seems  that cable  Television isn’t patient enough to give a chance to these kind of shows nowadays. Maybe   about 1.4 million viewers each episode can seem a ludicrous number, although that’s not the real audience (think about all the people outside the US who watch the shows, just like me), and enough or not, I can tell this audience is pissed off right now, at least I am.

It’s time great writers like Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny, the creators of  “Trust me”, or brilliant minds like Aaron Sorkin, who abandoned “West Wing” at the end of the third season for reasons I don’t really now but I can suspect, and then created the genius “Studio 60″ get a reward for their brilliant work and not a cancellation of the series. It’s just ironic that the first ones, who were Chicago copywriters before they moved to Hollywood and became the writers and executive producers of “The Closer” on TNT, are getting audience on the one series among other million ones about police and murders, and not on the one they know what they are really talking about.

Laia Vilaseca.


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